Snacking On Spiders

In Cambodia, giant venomous spiders aren’t terrifying, they’re a tasty treat! If you are travelling to Cambodia don’t forget to try it out. By the way it not just started during the Khmer Rouge, but way before but only common in the country side. Yummy!

Snacking on Spiders was broadcast online as part of The National Geographic AMAZING! series.

UNICEF #EndViolence

Children in Sierra Leone demand the implementation of their right to be protected from any form of violence and abuse.

As part of the #EndViolence campaign this PSA was produced in Sierra Leone with UNICEF, Sierra Leone.
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Your First Mistake Will Be Your Last

Hassan Sesay is a cleaner in one of Sierra Leone’s Ebola isolation wards. It is a dangerous job, but he does it for his people and his country.